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What cloud would you like? Every organization has their path to the cloud, and we can help you with any of the big three, not to mention many others. We're comfortable using either vendor-supplied CLI tools and APIs or cross-platform tools from innovators like Hashicorp, and their suite of tools like Terraform, Packer, etc. We can provide you with server configuration management for both Windows & Linux, and hybrid clouds integrated with VMware, Xen, and others.


We have been with Linux from the beginning back when it all began. Before Linux we were running UNIX, and FreeBSD. We get Linux like few other companies because we've been with Linux since it was first introduced to the world. Our expertise focuses on RedHat, CentOS, and Ubuntu Linux. We manage VMware, Xen, and physical hardware platforms, such as Dell, HP, and IBM.

Not only do we get Linux, we have vast experience with databases on Linux, such as Node.js, Sybase, DB2, Informix, and MySQL.

Our Linux experience also extends to the cloud, using Amazon, Azure, and Google clouds.


Our expertise in enterprise-level monitoring with Nagios comes with the most advanced, and efficient implementation of Nagios available.

We can provide you with on-premise monitoring expertise or cloud monitoring for not only back-end server monitoring but also business process monitoring. That's right, business processes, SLA reporting, ticketing, work flows, financial pipelines, all can all be monitored just like servers.

We can provide integrations of Nagios with other third-party systems, like JIRA, and PagerDuty, or provide you with our own resources to provide managed services of monitoring all of your systems, freeing up your internal resources and providing you with 24x7x365 monitoring and alerting. When used with other monitoring and notification work flows we can bring you a robust, cost-saving open-source monitoring solution that works uniquely and efficiently for your organization.

If you are interested in our latest innovation, Cloud Director For Nagios, take a peek at the next generation prototype of how to do open source monitoring with Nagios. CDFN is a working prototype that can generate as many Nagios instance configs as you like, and generate Puppet code to make it work. It offers a way to prototype your configurations without ever having to touch a live instance of Nagios.

CDFN will soon have the capability to generate Ansible code, as well as TerraForm code for deployments. This combination of code generation can offer large enterprises the opportunity to create template configurations that can be easily adapted to a wide variety of environments. This is only possible because of the flexibility of Nagios, and the combination of these other tools.

Along with CDFN, we also have ready-made, purpose-built agents that work with CDFN to provide your enterprise with endless fail-over monitoring, and endless endpoints for logging and graphing. With our agents you can not only emit to N number of Nagios servers, but also N number of graphing servers. Our agents currently are set up for Graphite/Grafana, but they are all easily adaptable for the Elastic stack, or Splunk, or any combination. The only limit is your imagination. The other cool thing is that our approach is completely decoupled from the monolithic approach so many other monitoring softwares, including Nagios XI, use to implement Nagios. We have reduced the footprint to allow increased performance without increased complexity.

Our approach also avoids the lock-in scenarios typically found in Nagios configurations that were done without training or experience. Your organization may actually be using only HALF of the Nagios features available. The irony is that the half you do need to use you probably don't know about and the half you ARE using is severely limiting your monitoring. This also means that enterprise monitoring of business processes are completely absent, and they too can be monitored just like servers.

CDFN is currently being used in-house to generate custom configurations for our end-clients, where we provide the finished output to the end client. CDFN is not yet stable, and it is our intention to bring a completely refactored product to the market with the help of investors. If you are interested in the next steps of investing with us, please contact us at CDFN Investors.


Got graphing? We use Graphite & Grafana as best practice graphing tools with Nagios to separate graphing data away from Nagios monitoring data to allow Nagios to run at optimal efficiency. You get better graphing, and more flexibility. We can also set up either of these tools as sole source monitoring tools.

We are also developing our expertise with the ELK stack, Splunk, and many other charting, graphing and logging tools, the list is endless.


Our expertise in Puppet configuration management spans over 8 years of proven, reliable implementations of Puppet, using the open source version, or Puppet Enterprise.

Our expertise includes not only on-site successes, but also cloud-based solutions on AWS, GCP, and Azure.

We have successfully implemented custom, purpose-built modules for every aspect of server configurations on all the popular Linux platforms.

We also have recently had success implementing custom, purpose-built modules for Windows server configurations, taking advantage of Windows' unique Powershell capabilities.


We have it, Ansible playbooks for configuration management, as well as customized Nagios monitoring deployments using Ansible.


Our recent success with Docker has allowed us to rapidly deploy purpose-built Nagios containers and supporting agents. We are also developing Kubernetes projects.

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